March bulletin Date current H1B valid till 30-July-2012


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Hi ,

My Priority Date is 04/24/2010 . It has become current in March Bulletin.My employer says no need to apply for H1B extension we will file for I 485 so that I can work on EAD. My concern is what if I don't get my EAD on time and I will be out of status if we didnot get EAD before time of my VALID H1B time. What is the better route .Apply for H1 B extension or Apply for 485 and get EAD .Please help me .

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Hello Sivashankar,

I am in similar situation. My H1B expires on 20th May 2012. Applied I-485 + EAD on 8th Feb . Waiting for EAD. In mean time my HR and me jointly decided that if I don't get EAD by 10th May , they will apply for my H1B extention. Kind of tight, but managable situation.

U can think and decide in similar lines if Ok with U and your firm.


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