Lost Job, Need to convert H1 to H4.


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Me and My wife both are working on H1B since last 4 years in US. My wife works for a large firm, direct employee. This week she was suppose to join office after 2 months of Maternity leave. But, she got on email from her company that her department is dissolved and the post is no longer available.

The HR will meet her next week to discuss further - severance pay, H1 revoke etc.

Can you please help to answer below questions?

1. How soon should I start her H1 to H4 visa transfer? (We dont know when they will revoke her H1, but lets say they revoke after 2 weeks)

2. I am planning to file for her Change of status to H4 on my own - by hiring a lawyer. Not through my Company. Can you suggest - is it safe to hire my own attroney\Lawyer to file for COS H1 to H4?

How much will it cost me and can you suggest a laywer\attorney in New jersey?

3. Company may pay 3 months severance package. Can we request them not to revoke her H1 during this time and generate paystubs?

4. Company filed for her GC, but only labor was approved. I140 was not filed. Can her Labor approved date be used in future filing.

Thank you in advance,

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