Deceased immigrant bank account


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I didn't know where to post this. If this is not the right section, I request the moderators to put this in the appropriate one. Thanks in advance..

One of my dear friends was in New Jersey for about 10 months on L-1 visa (which is why I'm posting it under L-1). She returned to India (Bangalore) in November due to Ill health. Her health only worsened in the next month and she passed away in December.

She has a bank account here with Bank of America which still has a considerable amount in it. She has mentioned no beneficiary and has no will. Her parents are in India and were told by an attorney to talk to the Indian embassy concerned. I tried contacting the embassy on their behalf, but there has been no response whatsoever from them.

What needs to be done in a situation like this? I could not find any information over the net regarding this and I'd be grateful if you could guide me in any way. Thank you for any help..

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JoeF, thanks for the reply. Her parents did contact the bank and were told something about a probate from a surrogate court. As far as I could research, this needs to be done in the state where she was working, meaning New Jersey, Her parents are Indian citizens and don't have a US visa (never applied for one). Imagine Indian citizens having no clue about the law/lawyers here coming to the US, staying in NJ (which would be pretty expensive) and running around the courts here. I think this was the reason the attorney in India suggested contacting the Indian embassy so that someone from the embassy can act on their behalf.

Any other suggestions?

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