Is it fine to go another US consulate for VISA stamping


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Hi Friends,

I am in Bangalore India….My company filed H1B in 2009 and its valid up to sep 2012.Petition is having one line as Class Consulate or POE as H1B CHENNAI………….but someone inform me that there are lot of visa rejection at Chennai consulate……shall I go to other cities for VISA stamping. (Company mobility people have given option to appear at other locations)…………Is it fine to go another city (US consulate) for VISA stamping.



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The verification is all around the world.. Since there are numerous number of applicants fraud documentation in the past, HYD embassy VO is putting more effort to scan through the Employer and client relations/business related documents as well. Just by giving Employer ID (appears in W2), VO can get the history of employer and that determines your case on the first ground. Most Desi employers those who are have less number of employees are highly risky..

Hope this helps..

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