Received NOIR on approved I140


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I received noir for my I140 and The basis for the revocation is the family relationship between myself and the employer (we are siblings), which was not disclosed on the ETA 9089 form when it was filed. I applied for LC in Dec 2006 and then I140 which was approved in early 2007.

I got the interview for I485 in aug 2010, where they asked me, if myself and my employer is related and I said yes and told them we are siblings. since my PD is current now, our attorney received NOIR for approved I140.

neither my employer nor myself have any intension to hide the information. we are unaware that this would create problem. Question 9 in form 9089 was answered as no, it was oversight. my employer discussed with the attorney and attorney said we will provide the documention that includes the necessary docs required if it was audited, and the proof that employment was done in good faith and affidavit that it was not intentional to hide, but oversight. not sure the probability of getting this approved. any suggestions ?

what are the any options for me? I am on 485 pending status and do not have any other status,.

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