H1 Just got approved & have to go to Visa


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I believe the number of pay stubs you're asked for depends on how long you've been with the company (you have to prove when you started the job). If you've only been with a company for a month and they pay every two weeks, it wouldn't make sense for them to ask you for more than 2 weeks of pay stubs.

When you say 'have only one pay stub handy', do you mean you've been paid several times but you can only lay your hands on one pay stub? if that is the case, you need to make effort to get the previous pay stubs.

If on the other hand you mean you've only received one pay stub, my question then is - Since an I-797 approval normally takes 90 days, are you saying you have only received one pay stub in the past 90 days? Or do you mean you changed to Full Time after your employer had already filed the petition for the H1-B.

My advice to you is this - Take all the pay stubs since you started full time plus a letter showing when you started full time, then take pay stubs for the last 3 months from the job you had before you switched to full time

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@nani42 Sometimes they will ask you for the last 12 months paystubs. I have seen cases. So have them handy. If you have only one paystub with the current employer that should be fine but take the last 1 years paystubs of previous employer. My guess in your case is your new full time employers petition might not be updated in PIMS which I think may cause a delay in your visa issuance. Check with your attorney about PIMS update...

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