New H1B Regular Process Vermont Center *** October Only ****


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Was wondering if anyone could respond....Thanks

USCIS claims that they process an RFE application in 60 days. But in practical i have seen petition getting suspended for more than 3 months. It all depends on the traffic.

But in your case i would expect a faster processing as they would like to finish these backlogs before the next FY starts.

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Hi everyone!!

Receipt date: OCT 28, 2011

Visa type: new H1b to be issued abroad

Service center:VSC

processing type: regular


Anyone with the same situation around this date?? Im satrted to worry guys coz my friend who was filed with h1b undr the same employer and date was already approve last feb 13, 2012...tom is april 2 start of fiscal year..

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My Petition date: 11th Nov 2011

RFE issue date: 27th Feb 2012

RFE responded date: 14th April 2012

RFE details: My client invite letter address(work location) was different from the address(work location) in LCA, H1 petition address(work location). Finally I submitted the client invite letter with the correct address as in LCA/H1 petition.

Still waiting for response from USCIS.

anyone with a similar case? if so can you pls let me know when can I expect the approval?

And mine is normal processing.

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