Visa Experinces on Feb 14th at Vancouver


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Hello Guys,

I had visa interview Yesterday morning@10:30AM(FEB14th) at US consulate,Vancouver.

Mine is EVC.

1).How long you been with your current employer?

2).What do you do?

3).Who is your end client?

4).How long you been with current client?

5).How many clients did you work so far with your current employer?

6).Any gap between clients?

7).Show me your I129, LCA & Client Letter

8).How do you communicate with your employer?

It went fine. Finally the VO said my i-797 was not updated in PIMs and she gave me the white paper(instructions to track passport) and say once it updated we will let you know by email and you can track your passport by following the insructions on the white paper.

Does anyone know how long it will take to get my I-797 updated in PIMS?

Any questions,Glad to answer your questions.

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