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Recently i got FT employment with the Top american retail company and i transfered my H1b from a desi consulting company to american company and i came to US on F1.

now am planing to attend for visa interview(first time stamping F1-H1) in Ottawa , Canada. in the month of march( by this time i will be having 3 paystubs with current company) do we need to have any specific number of paystubs with the current employer for attending visa interview.

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Not necessarily. If yo're asked, you can explain that you've only been with the client for 6 weeks (I'm assuming you're being paid every 2 weeks). However, I would advise you to take pay stubs from your older company. This way you can explain

  • I was formerly with Company A and these are my last X pay stubs from them.
  • Then I moved to Company B on XYZ date (show your employment letter) and these are the pay stubs from company B

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