H1-B\H4 Visa Extension queries (primarily out of country travel)


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My wife’s H4 visa and my H1-B visa are up for extension (expire August 2012). The problem is that my wife is currently in India and should be for the next couple of months (expected arrival around May 2012). As the extension process takes time my firm has already started the process.

Some questions on this situation:

1. Any problems when she returns to the US in May 2012 ?

2. Does she have to get her visa re-stamped before entering the US (According to my firm she would have to do this) ?

3. Is it preferred to wait till she returns before filing for the extension ?

4. Do I need to take care of anything before she returns ?

5. Recommendations on how to proceed with this situation to ensure least hassle.

Appreciate any help with the above questions.

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