H1B Transfer and Extended only for one year


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Hi All,

I have my Intial H1B for 3 years until Sep'2012. Unfortunatley I lost my job in jan 2012, But I am fortunante enough to find a new contracting job through consultancy and Transfer of H1B got approved .But the approved for one year such that until Feb 2013.

So my questions were

1. If i travel after Sep-2012 , I know i need to get stamped but it will be only until Feb-2013, will there be problem in getting stamping ?

2. Or I can apply for extension before 6 months of expiring (feb-2013) without getting the stamping of the new employer ?

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1. There could be problems at consulate for stamping not because of small duration left but due to your employer credentials. i.e. if he doesnt have direct client and you are not able to demonstrate employer-employee relationship in the interview.

2. Yes extension can be applied any time before expiry of the existing H1B petition. A months time in advance is safe time. Still you would need stamp at consulate if you go out of US so keep 1. in mind.

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