passport expiry and i-94


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hello all

my passport is expiring in aug-2012 but I have visa till sep 2013....i am getting a new passport but my question is what options do I have to get the I-94 extended?

1) go to CBP office (deferred inspection) - I am in NJ and closest airport is EWR/JFK but according to online immigration forums, off late this option doesnt seem to be working!!

2) fly/drive to Canada - Is it true that you won't get a new I-94 if the visit to Canada is less than 30 days plus you need a visa to visit Canada

3) fly to San Diego- Mexico border - this looks a more viable option as I have read on forums that you can walk to Mexico and come back to get a new I-94 but does the 30 day rule apply for Mexico too?

4) Fly to some other neighboring country like Bahamas

Please guide me towards a less expensive and fast solution to my problem...

Thanks in advance!

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I am in the same boat. My old passport is expiring on March14h 2012, so when I entered US the d/s was stamped as March 14th even though my I-797 is valid until October 2012. I went to the CBP office with my new passport, they refused to issue a new I-94 or extend my duration of stay. I have an approved I-140, my attorney suggested applying for H1B extension which will get me a new I-94.

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