Experiences in Vancouver (Please Read)


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Hi Guys ,

Want to share some information for people who are going to vancouver ,

1 . If you are flying to vancouver please expect below questions at Port of Entry ,

( Appointment letter , 797 , passport )

Why you are coming to Canada

What you do if you dont get Visa

What you do if you get Visa

Where you are going to stay in canada

2. If you are going on road from seattle you may expect below questions ,(its very easy if you

go on road)

(Only passport)

Why you are going to Canada

where you stay in canada

Do you know some one in canada

how many days you are going to stay.

Once you reach vancouver aiport .... if you stay in Days Inn take a ticket for 9 $ it will take 35-

40 minutes to reach Days Inn .....Once you get down Train station is 100-200 Meters away

from Days Inn(days Inn is a costly motel in downtown they charge 100 $ a day) if you get

good one just skip this ...the only reason every one stay is its just 100Meters from Consulate

YVR-Airport Station Eastbound to 921 w pander street :


Train towards SKYTRAIN - platform sign CANADA LINE TO WATERFRONT.....(please see in

google maps)

Dollars Exchange :

If you want to exchange dollars days INN is the best place if you stay in Days Inn they will

exchange dollars for you if you give them 300$ they will give you 300 canadian dollars so

dont exchange at airport or bankof america they will charge you .( if you stay in daysINN only

other places i dont know)...

Regarding Food: Its too costly bring 500 dollars cash if you stay 3-4 days

We went to salam Bombay Indian restaurent 3-4 times its costly and you still feel hungry

We went to Indian aBroad its worst

Breakfast is also same you will feel same heat

Best is Subway , MCDonalds or pizza you will get large for 10 $ near to daysinn you can ask

reception to know pizza address....

Too many starbucks i saw near to consulate .....

If you have a car get some food from Wal-mart so that you will have good breakfast in your

room .

Consulate :

If you have appointment at 9:30 or 10:00 leave at 9:00 dont go too early and stand outside

for 2 hours ...

Questions i already posted ...

Dont panic get all your documents to visa consulate ....you will return with happy smile on

your face .

Some wierd Issue in Vancouver :

Issue 1 : Some guys are getting passport little late and some are getting next day (if you have some problem please call below number (604-800-2794)

If you dont get waybill number you can search your passport using reference number ...which you got while booking appointment ( you can see reference id on your appointment letter )


You will get the email in SPAM from loomis express ...just watch the letter loomis

Guys all the Best .................................................................................................


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avish : yes you have option staying near to richmond airport hilton , hamton INN but you need to have car ,

if you stay downtown u can go for lunch and dinner by walk that the only difference ....if you have car its easy you can stay any where .

In days inn they dont provide free breakfast so be prepared to go out to buy breakfast.

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