How long is I-140 Valid


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I have my I-140 approved from Company A.

The company policy is to give a copy of approved I-140 when one leaves the company and they wouldn't revoke it.

How long is I-140 valid if it is not revoked.

Even if i change status to F1 and then back to H1 or move to india for few years and come back on fresh H1, can i still use the old I-140.

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Generally according to current practice and interpretation, if an I-140 petition was approved for an individual and the I-140 indicated the Beneficiary would be adjusting status in the U.S., the I-140 will be considered valid until either withdrawn or revoked, and as long as the position in the underlying Labor Certification and I-140 is still available. As there may be other concerns and complications it is advisable to speak to a qualified U.S. immigration attorney to discuss your short and long-term goals.

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TSC i 140 web site was updated on Feb 21, 2102 with Service centers processing times and which date it is processing, current processing dates and wierd thing is its date has done back as now it is showing that TSC is processing the i 140's recieved in June 29, 2011 Their web site about a month back was showing that it is processing cases recieved on July 4, 2011. ANy idea??

The link is given below:

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