H1B-EAD (primary applicant) in different field


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I was on H1B, laid off 4 wks ago and still searching for the right job. I am planning to switch from H1 to EAD (I-485 pending in EB3 category), wife is on H1B. I will be working in Healthcare industry using my EAD but my GC is pending based on a job in IT. I used AC-21 to keep my GC process going.

1. What risk do I have to work on EAD in a different field?

2. If my new employer sponsors my GC in EB-2, I am assuming I can port PD to EB-2 140 and then interfile my 485 to the new application. Is that right?

3. Is it better to switch to H4 and then work on EAD so that in case 485 has issues, I can switch to H4 right away by leaving the country and entering on H4? Am I understanding correctly here?

Please respond.


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