Can H1B work for ***** as an IBO?

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Is this legal? 


i refered 10 people to Wachovia/Wells fargo bank. They gave me per person $50.

End of the year they send me 1099. I filed W2 and 1099

There are several different 1099s. Some are legal for people on H1 (e.g., for interest), some are not.

Referral stuff is a gray area at best.

You should discuss your particular situation with a good immigration lawyer.

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Guys..these are all ...If you want real confirmation then hire a lawyer and confirm. If you have ebay account and selling something and getting money..then also you get 1099 Misc...

No, you don't if you are just selling your used stuff.

It you make a business out of it, then you would get a 1099. And you can NOT do that on H1.

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I have been in ***** since last 10 yrs...I was getting 1099 Misc...I was reporting that on my issue at all. Got my green card also. Work for fortune 100 companies...provided all USCIS, IRS issue at all.

You wanted to say, no issues yet...

There is no statute of limitation on immigration fraud.

Yjry may investigate this at any time, and then you'd be in deep problems.

The bottom line: it is illegal for somebody on H1 to work for anybody other than the person's employer. Doing some MLM stuff is NOT allowed for somebody on H1. Period.

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