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Hi Seniors,

My OPT extension end date is on july 10th. I am planning to apply H1B on April 1st and do the premium processing. The client I am working for now extended full time offer and I am very much interested to avail this opportunity. I need to tell my decision asap as my contaract with this client ends on may 22nd. But, the client is skeptical and waiting to apply new H1 for me though, they are ready to transfer my H1 from other company. My concerns are---

  • what if my H1 gets approved when applied from my employer end of april 2012 and can I transfer my H1 before the start date (october 1st)
  • what happens if I have already applied for my H1 and my client who offered me full time comes back to me and ready to apply new H1
  • do I need to wait till october 1st to transfer my H1
  • do I need to wait till december 1st to submit my 2 pay checks for transferring my H1
  • or shall I wait till may 21st to hear from my client about the decision and apply my H1 and do the premium processing
  • I am very much worried about the cotta getting completed if I wait till may 21st

Please, help me with my concerns.

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