L1 and H1B visa query


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I am right now on a L1 visa as a fulltime US employee (intra company transfer) for my company (naming as "X") in US whose branch in India was where i was working earlier. Now, if another employer (some "y" employer) is ready to sponsor me H1B and for that employment offer when i resign this "X" employer, then naturally my L1 will be invalid and can i start working for the "Y" employer before i have the visa in hand when he already started H1B filing for me. Please clarify.

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If one is currently in L1 status, then they cannot start working for the H1B employer until that petition has been approved and it is valid. Once it is approved and it is the start date of the validity period, one's status will be H1B on that date and one will no longer be in L1 status.

Please consult directly with a qualified attorney to discuss your case in detail and determine a customized course of action.

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