employer wants me to sign a contract after approved 485.


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I have checked online that my 485 is being approved and at the same time my employer wants me to sign a note which has been drafted by him and its totally in his favour.

my green card is going to arrive in the company's lawyer office,and I am afraid whether they can still revoke my green card.

I do not like the content of the note and want to ask whether I can say no to that.

I am in tremendous pressure please help me with your answers.

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Why would your green card arrive to the company's lawyer? You should have your own address on the I-485. If that's the case, you should tell the lawyer to send you the card. Yes, simple as that. If no result, remind them that they represent YOU on the I-485, and not your employer regardless of who paid their fees, and if they don't give you the card, you will file a prompt complaint with the [insert the state where the lawyer is licensed] Bar Association.

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