Passport waiting time after approval @vancouver.


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Hello All,

My friend attended his interview on Feb7th(tuesday) and got approved. he hasnt received his waybill number or any email from loomis as of now(feb 10 - friday 4.00PM PST). do any of you have similar experiences like passport delay after visa approval @ vancouver. I had mine approved on thursday and when can I expect mine.

your experineces will definitely help us, please do reply if there are any other ways to track the passport other than loomis email or waybill number. do we have any 1800 support number that we can call to and get an update?

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Hi Baba.... Don't worry you will definitely receive your passport soon.

I got mine visa approved on 31st Jan and got a mail from consulate to pick up the passport at consulate on 9th Feb. Dont know the exact reason for the delay but I am expecting it might be because of PIMS.

One of my friend has the interview on Jan 31st and got mail from consulate on 10th Feb.

So there is no specific time interval but you will definitely receive your passport soon. All the best.

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