Wierd case at Vancouver


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Hi All,

I had my appointment date on feb 9th. As every one said it was very simple process in Vancouver, but my case had issues(Nothing wrong from my side). when i went to counter 1 where they check the passport and ds160, they couldnt locate my application and after 5 hours of wait they told me that the application got locked and cant help the same day. So they have asked me to come next day, it was same again. but this time, they have given my DS160 confirmation page back and set up an interview. On DS160 confirmation sheet they wrote "*No PIMS". When we went for interview, entire world wide US embassy was down for 2 hours, so every one had to wait. After so much waiting, my interview was done for less than 3-4 min with basic Qs.

where are you working

how many years

how long with employer

whats your role

give me your LCA...she looked at LCA and kept it and said....every thing looks good to me....but as we dont have your application, it might take another couple of days for review.....

i questoned her saying, so that means my visa is approved and is taking few extra days to get??

She replied::: I am just saying your are good from my side, but approval will be decided only as per the details of the application.....we might call you if needed or you will get your passport a couple of days compared to regular process.....

I have posted this experience just to let you guys know the issue i had.....i really feel its lot lot easier to go for visa stamping here than any place as they are going to ask you almost the same Questions....

Good luck guys.....i will post on my status once i get the update.......

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