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As you must all know 221g case status is available online for Mumbai consulate at below link.

I request all of you whose status was updated on above link after getting 221g from Mumbai consulate to post following information regarding the case status.

1. Documents Submission Date

2. Case updated on above link

3. Interview date and the Month file link on above page.

Appreciate your help!



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@MTMO- I would suggest lets just keep the track of 221g, not only who got cleared as well as which are pending. This would help us to know the processing time.

  1. Interview date
  2. 221G (color and docs asked)
  3. docs submission date
  4. Date CEAC barcode appeared on the website.

Please let me know if this is fine so we can procedd accordingly.


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Mantmo & Ashukla,

I was interviewed in Second week of Jan' 12 @ the Mumbai consulate (with my wife). I was told by the VO that everything looks good with my case and they don't need any documentation from my side, however they issued me 221 G yellow slip with no documentation asked. They said everything is good with my case however they need to perform some mandatory Admin processing. They told me to look for the CEAC bar code on the above link then submit the pp to the nearest VFS office.

Any thoughts over this ........ ? It has been a month & I am still waiting to see my name over there.

221g yellow slip no docs asked waiting since 1 month.

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@MTMO- I would suggest lets just keep the track of 221g, not only who got cleared as well as which are pending. This would help us to know the processing time.

  1. Interview date
  2. 221G (color and docs asked)
  3. docs submission date
  4. Date CEAC barcode appeared on the website.

Please let me know if this is fine so we can procedd accordingly.


Yes, this should be more helpful. Guys, please post this information. I believe most of them who got visa never again turn up to these forums as it reminds the horrors of 221g :)

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Myself and my wife went for H VIsa stamping at Mumbai Consulate. Two VO Interviewed me for a while and they collected a photocopy of I-797, LCA and I-129 . My wife was not asked a single question. At the end, I was given a yellow page which said my case is pending adminsitrative processing. a website was given to me with a number on it. if the number shows up on the website , then my case is approved else my employer will contact me. No further documents were asked to submit.

Still waiting for the case to be approved. Anyone in the same boat

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  • Interview date : Jan 23, 2012
  • 221G (color and docs asked) :yellow and no docs asked to be submitted. The officer took a stack of my documents at the interview itself including I-797, LCA, Vendor contract
  • Date CEAC barcode appeared on the website : Still waiting

The officer typed my answers on a paper, made me read and sign it and said she needs to review my case and papers agaisnt the answers. I don't understand why the delay. I already had a query on my case, i also had a USCIS officer conduct a surprise interview at the client site......and now i am still waiting for my visa approval. Don't know why all the hassle....seems like i have been through everything.

Is it advisable to send a followup email and if so, what exactly should the email contain. Thanks and Good Luck to all. Please keep this topic up-to-date.

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  • Interview date: 02-Feb-2012
  • 221G (color and docs asked): Green, tech alert related docs (publication list, research details, etc)
  • docs submission date: 02-Feb-2012
  • Date CEAC barcode appeared on the website: waiting

Not sure what yellow, white, and blue are about, and if processing times are same.

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no such colors have any specific timing related to it, website will show all the number, no matter of what color

@tp2012 yours is only TAL case it might get cleared in a week or two.

@jas- could you please share your working model, is it EVC or EC,

Guys please do share your working models that will give a better idea.

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  • Interview date : 18th Jan 2012
  • 221G (color and docs asked): Yellow, no documents asked. they kept a copy of I797 and LCA.
  • docs submission date: -
  • Date CEAC barcode appeared on the website: Waiting

The VO asked some questions, asked me to review and sign the document in which she had noted the questions asked and my answers. And then she gave yellow slip telling me that they have to do some mandatory Admin Processing. No other information given. Asked me to check for the CEAC bar code number to appear on the case tracker

its been more than a month now and no response. I called up the consulate but they did not provide any information and asked to keep checking the case tracker.



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@jas- dont want to discourage you but the fact is now in these days it is very hard to get stamping over EVC model, atleast from india. I also had an EVC model earlier and my case was sent back to USCIS and after this I turned into EC model and landed up with 221g. As per your description you provided most likely consulate might send your case back to USCIS for review, send an status update email to infousmumbai.

Please check with them after two weeks or so. Wish you all the best.

@iProfile- its just being a process but dont worry your spouse will get the visa, as they have issued a 221g so it is going to take some time. My spouse alos get the visa while I was on EVC model, but it was straight I mean it didnt went thourgh a 221g. wish you a very good luck!

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@ ashukla:

Interview Date: January second week (appeared with wife)

Employment Type: E-C

221G issued: Yellow (No documents asked) told to check the CEAC barcode on their website.

Common muslim name: Yes

Waiting since: 40 + days no update

VO said everything looks good from my side & I don't need to submit any document, however my case requires further Admin processing.


How did you came to know that your case was sent back to uscis for further review (Did they sent you an email ? )

Please let us know.

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<ul class="bbc">

<li>Interview date : 17 Feb 2012</li>

<br />

<li>221G (color and docs asked): Pink slip (No docs asked)</li>

<li>docs submission date: - No docs asked</li>

<br />

<li>Date CEAC barcode appeared on the website: Waiting</li>

<li>Common Mulsim name : Yes</li>

<li>Model : EC</li>


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@areeb- VO told me at the time of interview itself and later on I received the email alert from USCIS on 23 nov, visa interview was on 14 nov.

The only kind words he said to me was "Nothing is wrong with your skill set and experience, although you have to work on an alternate plan, I am sending your case back to USCIS for further review".

The only good thing he has done for me was, he sent my case to USCIS immediately and within ten days USCIS started review it, but till date no update on it.

I would say you dont have to worry about your case, although it is taking time because they are aquiring security clearance on your as you have a common muslim name.

@mantmo- yes they are clearing 221g on daily basis because they have to, DOS guideline says that they have clear the cases atleast by 20%, as an average for month. Funny part yesterday only 4 or 5 cases, and today only one.

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