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Pleaes find the contact information of DOS, I have already sent an email about my situation and also mention that there are not 10s or 20s more then 100s are going through the pain of 221G, some of them loosing their jobs and some other career due this undefined timed process.

Not a single employer in USA will allow you for out of work for months and very few can allow to work from offshore for a limited time.

I understand some of you might think that might such type of email may have adverse impact on your case, but I dont think so and did not had a fear while going through such tough time. So without any second thought just send it.

Tel- 202-663-1225


Office of Inspector General (HOTLINE)

U.S. Department of State

P.O. Box 9778

Arlington, VA 22219 USA

Tel: 1-800-409-9926



Office of Inspector General

U.S. Department of State

Room 6817

Washington, DC 20520-6817 USA

Tel: 202-647-9450 Fax: 202-647-7660

with some generic details of my I also included the following content.


If the department of state has to decide whether the employer is eligible for H1b or an employee is eligible for an H1b then what is the role of USCIS, why should we apply and make our employer to pay to USCIS, if they are not able to verify all the information during the time of adjudication of H1b. Simply they are collecting money and sending out a green paper which has no use until Department of State will approve it.

Two different governing bodies of same country have conflicting opinions about an application, simply spoiling the careers of not 10 or 20s, hundreds of people. There should be a proper process for 221G and it must have a timeline, you cannot simply put any one in middle for undefined time period."

I request you to send an email to the stating your 221G pending issues, there are people who has been waiting for 17 months (Arjunmca), due to the negligence of these VO. You should request to change the current process of stucking the candidates abroad under 221g without any specific time period, some people lost their job as well as career in US.

It seems like having an H1B from United states and appear for visa interview is coming out of as curse for most of the applicants, people who tried to follow the rule and regulation according to their law, got in trouble and who didn’t they simply living for what have went for.

more we hit sooner they hear and act! once you do so please update here so all of us will have a count for same.

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My friend, there was a similar petition signed by a number of applicants. But I suppose it did not make the sluggish and incompetent bureaucratic system any better. You can find that petition along with a very long list of people who was stuck for months in administrative processing by googling "An urgent petition regarding US visa delays". The document also has a link to a Facebook group on the same topic. It also has some interesting data and graphs.

That being said, I will join you and send something similar if I do not hear by 3 weeks as I was told by the VO during the interview.

Best wishes...

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