Filling out DS-160 about marital status


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I have my question in filling out DS-160 about the Marital Status

right now my primay vendor company already initiated the process for new H1-B

is sent all the docs. during this i recentrly got married and also palnning to apply H-4 for my wife too.

in filling out the DS-160 form should i fillout marital status as Married? or single??

if i put as married i havent updated my passport from single to married!!

do i need to change status in passport to married once i get married??? I did registered my wedding and got registrar certificate as well.

Please advise!!!

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thanks for the reply..

but last page of the passport i have a SPOUSE NAME as empty.

while filling the DS-160 at relatives page it is asking for souse info should i just need to give the details??

wouldnt they ask me to update the passport?

please adivise

No, you do not have to update the passport. You can do the same the next time you renew your passport.

But for visa stamping just mention your spouse's details and passport number.

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