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This is sharath, after a lot of disappointment: I am sending this

email. One of my friend suggested me this forum will suggest you a

better options. Please go through this and suggest me on this.

Applied for H1b in 2007 and attended interview: Feb 2008 @ chennai

visa office.

H1BVisa got rejected due to administrative processing query

After some days i got a letter from embassy saying they couldn't

process my visa.

Later in 2011 my current company applied B1 visa for a business trip

and it got rejected

Reason :you couldn't satisfy visa consulate.(Visa officer gave me a white paper)

initially they have asked me about my trip questions - I have answered

them confidently and clearly

When they asked me have you ever applied - Non immigrant visa, my

answer was no: In tension and i have answered wrongly.

Again after 20 days: My company has applied for B1 visa for me.

initially they have asked me about my trip questions - I have answered

them confidently and clearly

Visa officer asked me -

abt my visa rejection in 2008 -

My answer was it was rejected due to 'Administrative processing Query'

and he said like - no it was

because you are trying to go there without any job

Me: No they have interviewed me and offered 55k per annum.

Visa officer: He said don't have a job and company is not good/genuine.

Me: Again i said..i'm not sure about that.

I said like : i can provide you all the valid documents for this B1


Visa officer: He said i'm done.

.(Visa officer gave me a white Slip, same reason: You couldn't satisfy

visa consulate)

Now please please.....suggest me what i have to do incase if my

company wants to send me again

for business what way i have to convince the visa officer.

It was my dream to travel to US atleast once.....see how unlucky i am?

Now there are some chances - again my company is planning to apply B1 for me.

As i am the senior member in the team - shall i go ahead and ask my

management to proceed or should i say no to my Management,

Almost working for the organization from past 5 years.

please suggest me on this and let me know if you need any additional


Thanks for your time.



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