H1b-F1- want to go to H1b


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1. I was holding a valid H1b visa (validity on I-797A - 6/24/2010 to 06/24/2011).

2. Had a change of status to F1 visa (approved on 12/28/2010)

3. As of today, I want to work again. To work on H1b visa again :

* do I have to go through the cap again ?

* can I start working as soon as I have the approval ?

* Will it be a new petition or a transfer or change of status ?

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Have another question in the same thread.

When can I start working ?

- When the company files for the h1 ?


- Only on receiving the approval that is i-797 ?

Since this is a peculiar situation for many people, this has caused confusion in my case. Does F1-H1b make the case any different from the normal H1b-H1b transfers ?

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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