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Is anyone submitted Passport and waiting for more than 9+ weeks?

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I have submitted my Passport with the Amended Visa Petition document requested in 221(g) Blue form (second request). It has been 9+ weeks and no response from the Chennai Consulate. However, my Passport is still with the Consulate. Has anyone submitted the Passport and waiting for 9+ weeks? Why is it taking too long? Is there anyway to follow up other than calling VFS?

Consulate Location: Chennai

Interview Date: 08/29/2011 (Aug 29th)

Case Details: Masters in US and first H-1B Stamping in India. Initial Petition was based on internal project and after working for an year started working in client place with just LCA change

First 221(g) details: Petitioner Documents, LCA, Bank Statements and Pay Slips

Documents submitted with Passport: 09/22/2011 (Sep 22nd)

Passport Return Date: 09/26/2011 (Sep 26th)

Second 221 (g) details: Submitted documents were returned asking for Amended Visa Petition document on 10/21/2011 (Oct 21st) along with LCA, Bank Statements and Pay Slips

Documents Resubmission Date with Passport: 12/7/2011 (Dec 7th)

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