Want to confirm few things about my H1 before fililng for i485

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Hello all,

I was working for an Employeer E1 and moved to Employeer E2 on feb 2008 before my h1 was approved for E1 and started

working for client C1.

On May 2008, my H1 was rejected for the employeer E2 and they opened a case of motion and i was still working for Client C1 and E2 was running the payroll.

In August 2008, my employeer E2 asked me to goback to my previous employeer E1 as my H1 with E1 was still valid and i did that. Later in May 2010, i moved to Employeer E3.

Below are my questions

1) I have my Labor and i140 approved with Employeer E3 for which i moved in the year May 2010 and i'm going to file for i485 pretty soon. Will i have any issues as my payroll was run even when my H1 was rejected with employeer E2? It was not my fault as i was not aware of

the rules that the payroll shouldn't be run when the H1 is rejected.

2) What are the possible options for me to get query and how to resolve and answer USCIS?

Thanks a lot for your advice


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Have you left the country and re-entered on H1 after you switched back to E1?

It apepars you were out of status May 2008 to August 2008, which is less than 6 months. You should be covered by 245k. Also, if you have left the country afterwards and entered on H1, you appear to have been in status since your last entery, and that's all that's needed for I-485.

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