Successful VISA interview on Feb 6th @ Vancouver


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First of all Thanks to Murthy Forum..

Me and my friend had interview @10AM, and there were totally 4-6 max h1b candidates remaining are visiting visa candidates.

We went to consulate @8AM, and had to wait 45 mins then we had security check and finger print.

Then we were asked to go one of the 4 counters ( me and my friend went to counter 4, VO was lady).

They were asking only regular questions.

My interview was like this:

Me: Hi, good mrng, how u doing today?

VO: fine thnx

VO: from how many days you are working for this company

Me; 7 months

VO: and for the client?

VO: same 7 months

VO: when your h1 started

ME: in oct

VO: how do you communicate with your empl?

Me: weekend status report, timesheers, monthly once employers onsite review..blah blah

VO: where do you work

Me: one of my employer's end client

VO: whats your major degree

Me: Masters

VO: in what?

Me: COmputers

VO: your visa approved, it takes 3-5 business days..!!!

and almost it was same for my friend

.. I strongly prefer everyone to come Vancouver for H1 stamping, they will ask questions to get the information only..!!!

All the best for evryone..!!

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Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the experience. I am going for stamping in two weeks. Had a question, please help!!

While filing my DS- 160 I made a small error. In the section " Addition work, education and travel" I hit no to the question " Have you traveled to the other countries in last 5 years". I have been to India last year in April so I should say yes. Now, I would like to change that information in the form.

Here is what I have read on the forums. I can change the DS- 160 form, submit a new one and update the DS Conformation in the Edit section in my CSC account. What do you think? Is it a right approach?

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