H1 B Visa Stamping Chennai Help


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Hi all,

I am planning to attend stamping by march end,

I have recently changed from consulting to FTE ( from 5 months ) and H1 approved .

i am not sure what will be the answer for this regular question

VO: Who is your client?

Do i need to say i work for my employer ?

Ours is product based company and have multiple clients for our product.

can some one help me with this, as my company is very new to H1 B cases, hardly 2-3 people..

People are saying stamping in india 50 : 50 chances...

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You are full time so NO CLient Your direct employer

keep a list or brochures of your product....

you should say i work for ABC company and our company makes these software products.... I work wiht the company to make products i dont work with client....Clients might buy products.... I work with company ppl to develop products... Keep borchures,

Since you are full time you wont even need any additional docs or anything

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I would say you dont even mention what your company does and who are their clients unless asked as this would confuse and complicate and it happended to one of my friend. You just have to say you dont have any client and you work full time to your employer.

Carry all the compliance docs abour your employer

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