H1 B transfer- RFE and current client different from I129


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I really appreciate for the kind of support you give!!

I started working for company B 2011 which a very big firm from 28 Nov 2011 after receiving the receipt number.Company B filed the H1 b transfer case on 22 Nov 2011 in premium by specifying the client details whose location is in GA Atlanta. On 30 Nov 2011 and we got a RFE asking to prove client relationships. But due to various reasons they lost the project and they don’t have any documents to prove this.

On 17th Jan 2012, got new project in NY; right now I have sow, manager’s letter and LCA of NY. Next week my immigration team is trying to respond with these documents where the client is different from 1-129.

what is the chance of approval,I am more worried please reply

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