L1A - H1B after 7 years in L1A


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I am currently working for Company "ABC" on L1-A which will be completing 7 years in Jun 2012. Company "XYZ" is ready to do green card for me as their future employee. Company XYZ claims that they will file I140, If 140 is also approved before my L1A expire date, they can file H1 as extension for 3 years. Though I would be completing close to 7 years by that time on L1A. My Company "ABC" is not ready to process GC.


1) Is 3 months sufficient for getting 140 Approved?

2) Upon 140 approval, Can Company XYZ file H1 ext for me whose L1A is about to complete 7 years

3) Or is it advised to go out of US for 1 year and come back on Fresh H1

4) My wife's Aunt (her Mother's real sister) is US citizen..... Is she can process GC for us? Is that can be done in 5 months of time?

5) Any other options which allows us to stay in US continuously without going away for 1 year.

6) I was in L1B for 4 years and then 3 years in L1A ... does that help anyway and allows to extend L1A.

7) Can I apply for H1 in Apr2012 and return in Apr 2013 ... If at all I have to stay away from US for 1 year. Is that something will get approved?

Please answer my questions. Thanks

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