ETA-9089 Signature Page Lost in mail


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My ETA-9089 sigature page was lost in mail. Our Attorney has applied my I-140 through regular processing, requesting USCIS to get the duplicate ETA-9089 from DOL.

Has anyone gone through this hassle? How long does it take for the I-140 approval in this scenario?

I am confused as to how much additional time will this add up to the regular I-140 processing.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi longwaitforgc,

I filed my application via regular processing on Jan 24th. There is a huge trail on this topic in ******** I-140 forum. Check it out. The latest exciting news is that a person(ID: zebnyc) just like us has upgraded his regular petition to premium after 2.5 months and got approved within 2 weeks. I guess we can follow the same path - wait for 3 months and upgrade to premium.

Does anyone know of a similar case - missing labor; filed through regular and upgraded to PP?

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It had happened to me back in 2010. My original PERM approval was sent to me by attorney alongwith the documents I needed to sign but got lost in the mail. The attorney applied regular I-140 requesting duplicate, if required, from DOL. Mine was regular processing and got approved in 1.5-2 months. Never had any issues or delays because of missing original. Hopefully the same happens on your case too. Good Luck.

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I might be applying in premium processing as it is 3 months. Just wanted to take a chance. Hopefully nothing bad happens if not good. No idea at what point USCIS requests the copy of labor from DOL. I saw the processing times were updated to 4 months now for TSC and approvals from feb are also seen in some forums. Wish mine is also approved without any issues.

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Unfortunately my premium request was rejected by USCIS as there was no original PERM. Hopefully my regular I-140 is approved sooner as it will be 4 months (as per TSC processing timeslines) in another 3 weeks. I dont know if my case falls under regular processing times as the original PERM is missing. Even after 4 months, Can my attorney open a Service Request?

Any thoughts?

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