Need information regarding Visa Mantis Clearance delays


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I wanted to check if any one in research or academic background was subject to Mantis clearance.

This clearance applies to what is termed as Critical field list or technology alert list,which covers too many things to list including working on supercomputing.

I work at a univ's research lab where we have a data center apptly called supercomputing center. Everyone involved at the work performs open-source NSF research and no secret stuff etc.

So but still the name "supercomputing center" draws some flags. Is there any extra precaution I can take so as to avoid a mantis clearance. Thanks Guys, I still have not filed the DS 160 and cannot avoid India trip this May.

If any one was hit with this clearance, what was the typical clearance time, if we dont have vacations to cover that time will our H1b visa become invalid?

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My husband works in a Pharma firm. He went for his H1B renewal interview on Dec 30th 2011 to the Chennai Consulate. He was put on admin processing (221g). He got back his passport on Jan 19th.

His friend, a Phd in Bio Med Engg went for his H1B first time Stamping(Academic H1B) , Chennai on January 4th 2012. His Visa was put on Admin Processing too. He got back his passport on Feb 3rd.

So you can estimate the average turnover. Most cases it take 3-4 weeks. You can google "Technology Alert List" and see if your field comes up in the list. If so you can definitely expect delays. If you have a good company attorney talk to him/her. Keep the most up to date copy of your resume and you research summary in your company letterhead with you when you go for your interview.These are the two things they will ask you. So keep it ready.

Just keep your company informed about the possible delays. If you are a genuine employee having genuine records , you have nothing to be afraid of. Its just a matter of time. Good luck.

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