H1B amendment after RFE


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I received RFE in august and my attorney has filed for an amendment and the receipt notice for the same is oct 17. (2011).

My question is if there is denial in my case, will I still be considered under 2012 cap?

How long will the processing take?

What are the chances of denial in an amended case. The amendment is for change of location.

Help needed


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Hi ppl

I have a query regarding my case. My employer had amended my case when they got the RFE. Now that amended case has got RFE. I still donno what that RFE is all about, my case online has been updated to RFE. My question is can I find a new employer and file a fresh H1B while this case is pending? will I still be counted in the previous cap count if this is done? Please help me. I am in trouble again!

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