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H1B EVC interview ---Employer-Employee @chennai,221g blue AAP

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Hello all chennai Visa appearing folks, here are some inputs from my intvw....good luck


Q) where r u heading to ?

ans---my current location

Q)where is ur company supervisor? onsite or offsite?

ans---offsite (as per LCA,I-129)

Q)who is ur client --


Q)what is ur project?

ans---projects mentioned.

---------this VO said, one officer will ask u more info\questions please wait....

another officer:

DESI officer:I will ask couple of questions please answer:(all these are Employer-Employee relationship questions)

Q) who is ur employer?

Q)who is ur supervisor?


Q) is he that CEO(looking into doc)---


Q)do u have a vendor?

ans--- yes----given vendor letter( he didnt read it...)

Q) do u have client?


Q) do u have any one else in between?


Q)how will you be communicating with your employer(Petitioner)?

ans------every week we have status update meetings through conference calls...

Q)who manages your day-today activities at client place?

-----ans---my employer\Petitioner---

Q) If you talk to Petitioner once in a week as conference calls..how do your employer manages your day-today activities?

-ans------we get the one week schedule of work during the conference calls...so i will be doing that work and will be updating as soon as we have progress in the work on adhoc basis......this is the key question which was asked for 3 times...

Q)Do your employer visits client place?

ans------no, he is offsite

Q) Does petitioner needs client permission to see you?


Q) Does petitioner has right to install any software , without client interference?

ans---yes...Petiotioner provides me laptop and monitor , with installed softwares in it.

Q) How do you install software specific to product when Employer is offsite and you are at client place?

ans-----we do install virtually also we already have software installed on our laptops.

Q)Where is your supervisor located?

ans---offsite..at employer location

Q) Do you have client manager\supervisor?


Q) Supervisor at Primary Vendor?

ans---No ..It just deals business as preferred vendor with Client.

Q) Do u have contracts letters...

ans---YES ,,handed over all docs Promary Vendor,Client....docs

Q)What is your company? is it a staffing company?

ans-----NO its a software development and consulting company,

Q)Is the Product you are devloping for Client differ from the products developed by your company?

ans---yes they are diff....

Q)Who installs software ? cllient or your employer?


Q)Will you reveal Clients business with your employer?-

ans-----may not be in detail but will give overview.

Q)What if your employer want to change the software to develop than the one Client is using ?

ans--- we will go with employers decission in every aspect

Q)Do you only interact with Petitoner only on confernece calls?


Q)Who takes care of appraisals\bouns\salary increments?


----221g blue form with

your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decission can be made. This office will contact you once this

administrative processing is complete.

They took all documents and returned passport, saying that please check case status online.....

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Hi Kumar Can you share your contact details I am in the same boat with 221g Blue Admin Processing .Can we talk on this through a call ?.Do let me know .

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Hi Kumar, Did you get any update on it? I am in the same boat. My interview was on Jan 9th. Please let me know if you would want to talk about it.

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Hey Kumar,

I exactly had the same interview questions and my answers were almost same.

VO issue me blue slip stating 221g administrative processing on Jan 5th 2012.

Can we have a quick chat about further visa options.

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Hi Kumar, Did you get any update on it? I am in the same boat. My interview was on Jan 9th. Please let me know if you would want to talk about it.

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Kumar,Soumyarao - are your clients contacted,Mine was similar case on 17 Feb 2012 gave 221g blue in Chennai for Admin Processing only client letter was taken returned my I797,129 and LCA.Client is yet to be contacted.Also which model are you in EVC,EC?

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Kumar, I am in EVC model..

VO took my LCA, I-797,129 and vendor letters. The passport is with me.

Since 2 months there is no update on the status and no one contacted employer or clients.

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EVC is always a slim chance - usually they send it to USCIS for review - I would say, sit tight and hope for the best.

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Thanks for the details..the questionnaire seems to have become common for everyone resulting without any outcome and leaving us hanging in the air for no fault of us.

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I went for my interview in Hyderabad on 9th feb and went thru the same quetionaire.

I too got a blue 221g and no update till date.

- Rahamat.

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i 'm in EVC model, so far no updates . also involved senator office , but employer is dealing with that stuff, no resolution yet.

ususally, this replort should have my case number atleast, but its not showing up , its been over 40 days till now.


am not sure wat to do now.....i believe m probelm is with myh employer, its having only few like 3-4 empoyees(hardly,its brand new).

case may not be the same for you guys.

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Hi Kumar,

When was you interview? Mine was Jan 30th 2012. VO asked same questions.Please update if any one of you got any status update

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Hi soumyarao

Did you received any update, I saw for Dec5th they sent a letter requesting passport on Feb 15. Hopefully you should receive the letter this week, please keep us posted.


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Hello sathys01,

where did u see "for Dec5th they sent a letter requesting passport on Feb 15"? is this based on ur case ? where r u seeing this at? please let us know,


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Hello Satya,

I received a email update from hyd consulate stating my Case is sent to USCIS and they will reaffirm my visa.

Not sure how many days it takes yet.

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passport submission reqest for consulate:

your application is pending the submission of your passport....dono wat for? stamping or..for more....additional processig....

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@h1bvsa This should mostly be for visa issuance. Good Luck. Can you tell me if you received an email from consulate or received a 221g note by mail from the cosulate to send passport ?

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