Successful visa stamping @ Vancouver on Jan 31st


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Hi everyone,

My visa was approved on Jan 31st. Not one document asked. VO just had the DS160, Passport and I-797 with him.

Interview lasted for 10 - 15 mins.

Get some warm clothes as there might be a 1 hour wait time outside.


VO: Hi how are you.

Me: Good. How you doing.

VO: What is the name of the company that employs you?


VO: Have you been with the same employer since beginning of your H1?

Me: Yes

VO: What is the nature of your company?

Me: It is a IT professional services company which provides professional IT services.

VO: Do you work for an end client?

Me: Yes

VO: Who is the client?


VO: How long have you been working for this client?

Me: For XXX months.

VO: Did you work for a previous client before this?

Me: Yes

VO: Who was that client?

Me: It was XXXX in YYYY state.

VO: Was there any down time between these clients?

Me: No.

VO: How do you keep in touch with your employer?

Me: We have a conference call twice every week over a bridge line. Also every two weeks I send a summary of the work accomplished in an email.

VO: Do you know how many employees your company has?

Me: They employ around XXX people.

VO: There are some labor complaints on your company. Do you know any of your co-employees who have wage issues?

Me: Not that I am aware of. He has been paying me well. In fact I am being paid more than what had been agreed on during my hiring process. (Which is true. I wanted him to see the W2 so that he will get a idea about my pay.)

Do you want to see my W2?

VO: No.

VO: Did you do your Masters in the US?

Me: Yes

VO: Which University?

Me: At XXXX. Its in XXX city, YYY State

VO: Ok. At this point your visa is approved. These labor complaints does not effect the status of your visa.

If there are any questions you have contact this number (Handed me a card with the US DOL contact information)

Me: Ok when can I expect the passport.

VO: You will get an email and it should be ready on about 3 days.

Me: Thank you and have a nice day!

Around at least 3 people on Jan 31st had their visas approved. Also on Feb 1st I saw a few people getting visas approved. Similar questions asked.


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I just had my successful H1B visa stamping in Vancouver, CAN too on Jan 23rd.. I went with my family (Spouse H4 and US born kid)... In fact this was my first H1B visa stamping (I had earlier visa stamping in Tijuana, MEX in 2009) in Canada.. We drove from Seattle, WA on Jan 22nd morning. My visa appointment was at 10AM next morning but we arrived at the Consulate at 8:15AM. Process was very smooth... Here's what I was asked by VO:

VO: (took out my I797, had my PP and DS160).. Wat's your job?

Me: blah... blah.. blah.. along with my job responsibility

VO: (starts typing in her System for few min).. How long have you been in H1B status?

Me... Since year xxxxx.....

VO: Did your Green Card peition ever filed?

Me: explained...

VO: (continue typing all this time while listening to what I was saying).. Asked about my education?

Me: answered....

VO: (continue typing).... paused and handed me the DHL tracking slip by saying... Your Visa has been approved please follow the instructions on the slip to retrieve PP...

Surprisingly VO didn't ask a single question from my spouse... Thus, both mine and my spouse visa was approved. We came out of the Consulate at around 9:50AM (my appointment was at 10:00AM). By the way... we got call from 855--xxx-xxxx- on Wed (01/25) that PP was ready to pick up from DHL Richmond...

Guys, just stay positive... Vancouver Consulate people are very friendly...

Take care


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