Does it take 3 complete days for H1B Visa in Tijuana


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My visa is on the 23rd of Feb at Tijuana Mexico. Do we have to have 3 full days at Tijuana??

As i really don't have much time i was wondering if we can either squeeze in the ASC and the appointment day or the appointment and the passport pick up on the same day????

Or can we submit the documents on the internet instead of going for the ASC appointment?

If anyone have got the whole process done in 2days please tell me how you managed it.

Thank you...

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Hi Kathi,

Can you share your experience @ Tijauna i am planing to book my appointment in March 2nd week.

I came to Tijuana one year back and stuck there for 2 weeks ,but luckly i got my visa.

But this time i am not sure of how it is going, so just want to track if any one is staying at hotel del rio.

Appreicate if any one can share from how long people are staying in Hoteldel rio for the feedback from consulate.



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I attended 23rd Jan and still no updates..... I am on EC model and neither my employer got any email nor my client as of now... we 4 guys were there but all of us came to India and every body's waiting time as of now is 4 weeks ..still counting...I wont advise you to go to Tijuana as tickets one way to India 1800 and from canada its just 700 dollars.95% chances of getting 221g

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