Can I apply for both L1 & H1 visa


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Dear All, I am here in USA from 2010 on L1A visa.My L1 visa is going to be expired on 31st August 2012. I am going apply for L1A extension in next 1-2 months.

Can you please suggest me on below doubts --

  1. when can I apply for L1 extension.i.e. before 6 months of visa expiry date or when?
  2. How soon I will get the renewed visa? Any approx. duration?
  3. Considering the L1 extension history in last 1 year, I feel that its very difficult to get L1 extension nowdays. (please correct me if I am wrong) So I am also thinking to apply for H1 visa (through different employer)? Is it possible ? Can I apply for H1 when my L1 extension application is in progress.
  4. Shall I wait for my L1 extension result? If I get extension then I'll not apply for H1 Else I can again file H1?
  5. Can I apply for H1 if my L1 extension has been rejected?

Please suggest.

Thanking you in advance.



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