H1 extension beyond 6th year VISA(urgent)


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My Perm was filed on Apr 2011 and it was denied in dec 2011 and an appeal was made on the perm.

Meanwhile i had applied for extension based on my vacation days that i have been out of the country in the 6 years of my H1B VISA.

But when i received the extension that i had applied to reclaim vacation days to my surprise it has been given for 3 years instead of just the vacation days.

Ideally i have heard from folks that the extension will be initially for my vacation days that i have been out of country in my H1 time and then i need to get yearly extension based on my denied perm appeal.

Given this situation is the extension good or do i need to do something else by checking with USCIS? Also based on this extension can i go to india and stay there for an year and get back.

Can someone please advise.



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