H1B Visa Appointments At Vancovour on March 27th,2012


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Hi All,

Who ever got scheduled or able to book appointments @03/27/2012, Please Share Your Appointment Timings and How everyone travelling to Vancouver.

Please share your details( Email ID's) to keep in touch. So that, all can go together like a Group.

Starting from me:

My Email id is : anil.j78@gmail.com

i am Going for first time H1B Stamping. I am In EVC Model.

Appointment Time : 9:30am.

I am Thinking to Fly from SFO to Seattle on 25th March,2012, and then Drive from Seattle to Vancouver.

Please feel free to contact and share yours. so that one can help others in need.



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@Shruthi.. I live in Dublin,California. Flying from oakland to Seattle is less expensive and from seattle by drive r by bus is also very pleasent Drive.. I prefer this way that's why insted of flight.

No cons in Flight journey also. but its just like regular what we do every time. so preferring drive or bus journey..

@RamaKV.. Yes Rama, last week when i check for appointment slot, i got the latest date as march 27th. i see in the forum that it is now a days first week of april.

so getting appointments before march 27 is max not possible at this time untill someone cancel the slot.

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