GC for Senior Citizen father

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Hello All,

I will be a citizen in a few months.

Can I apply for a green card for my father who is 80+ years old and bring him permanently to the US ? Since he is alone back in my home country.

will I be able to apply for medicare/medicaid for him?. He has diabetes.

I am happy to pay any premium for the medicare/medicaid coverage for his diabetes/old age related health issues.

He visits me (on a visitors visa) every year for a few months. Should I apply for his GC after he comes for his next visit or before?

If yes, how much time does it usually take for processing?

Would appreciate any advice..

Thanks in advance.

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Medical issues for elderly can become quite expensive. And it is nearly impossible (or very expensive) to get health insurance for an elderly.

As GC sponsor, you would be responsible for the medical costs, making sure that the person does not become a public charge (until the sponsored person has worked in the US for 10 years or becomes a US citizen.)

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