Please advise : 221 G Chennai Blue slip - Passport returned


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My visa interview was on 27th Jan at Chennai consulate E-V-C model

After the interview i was given a blue slip suggesting "administrative processing".

The interviewer kept the following documents with him :

1) I-129 copy

2) original I-797

3) Copies of client and vendor letter that were sent to USCIS at the time of filing

4) LCA

5) Copies of paystubs sent to USCIS at the time of filing

After checking all the documents , they prepared a document containing the responses i had given and made me sign a document stating - "all responses are true and that i have not given any false information"

After signing the document they returned my passport saying that the petitioner or the embassy will contact me in a few weeks and they will have to review my petition.

They did not request any additional documents on the form but just kept the above documents with them.

My friend who went to the interview a few weeks ago was in the same situation but his passport was taken along with the documents and he was given visa in the next week.

Could anybody please provide any insight/share experiences on next steps ? How long does it usually take and is there anything we can do in this matter ?

Thanks in advance.

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