Visa type for university job offer.


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Dear Folks,

I have received a job offer from a prestigious university in Texas. The nature of the job is permanent. I have completed my masters in US in may 2007 and worked on H1B till April 2009. After I resigned, my visa has been canceled(of course) and I went back to India. My questions are following.

1) What category of visa the university would file under?

2) How long before I can file for permanent residence status?

3) How long before my wife be able to work?(I guess when I do file for permanent residency, it would be for both of us. So this question might be related to question no. 2)

I know I may be asking too early about permanent residency filing, but I need to evaluate offers from other countries also, so I may be able to reach my decision.

Cheers and thanks in advance

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