I-485 : Question About Employment Dates


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I am getting ready to file my I-485 and found a problem. When I looked at the resume that I submitted for my I-140 and all my I-129 applciations, there is a typo in the dates of my employment in India. Instead of Nov XXXX to March XXXX , it is mentioned as Nov XXXX to May XXXX . This job experience was not the basis for any of my employment in the US.

In my G-325A, obviously, I will be writing the accurate employment dates as Nov XXXX to March XXXX.

During the processing of I-485, if they compare my employment dates mentioned in G-325A and the resume from my I-140 and I-129 applications, they will see a mismatch. If this happens, and a RFE/NOID is issued, will a notarized statement from me stating that it was a typo help? All I have from the employer is the offer letter. I did not ask for a termination letter when I left the employer.

I will be grateful for any replies and suggestions on how to deal with this issue.

Thank you!


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