Question regarding the appointment location from Ottawa to Vancouver


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Apart from 221g i see delays too interms of getting the passports on time. I myself a victim of that, and stuck here for a week now ... :-( ... Try quebec city, have heard from people that its quicker there ... but FYI, we cannot fully rely on other cases, your case may end up unique for the officer ... :-) ... am not trying to give u any negative feedback, but i think if you try and be confident while you talk during the interview u should be good ...

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You can always change the appointment before one working day to any embassy in canada once you paid the fee and is valid for an year.

But be careful, once you change the appointment to new location and also change the passport pickup location, Sometimes Pick-up locations might not get updated internally and there is a chance you recieve the passport back in say "Ottawa" though you attended interview in Vancouver. Just be prepared for that. This might happen in few cases.

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