HR 3012 Bill and my perm case(URGENT)


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My employer(Desi) is going to file my Perm-labor(1st week of February,2012) in EB2.I need to know what will be my status if HR3012 become law.I am in EB2 that is current and citizen ROW(rest of world).Can I use 15% reserve quota of new GC law(HR3012) in year 2012 or 10% reserve for ROW in 2013/2014 ? or else I need to wait until 2015 for FIFO.

My main concern is that if I need to wait for three years then I will stop my GC process and leave my current employer for new Fulltime job who will start my GC after three years.

So I need to know what is mean by 15% reserve for ROW in 2012?is it for all ROW EB3 for 2010 bcws there are no EB2 applicants for 2012? Please reply me...its really urgent.

The Bill is as follow,

"For fiscal year 2012, 15 percent of the immigrant visas made available under each of

paragraphs (2) and (3) of section 203(b) of such Act (8 U.S.C. 1153(b)) shall be allotted to

immigrants who are natives of a foreign state or dependent area that was not one of the two

states with the largest aggregate numbers of natives obtaining immigrant visas during fiscal

year 2010 under such paragraphs."


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Forget about HR3012 for now. It has a long uphill battle before it would become law. Currently, it doesn't look like it would pass. There is a hold on in, and even if the hold would get lifted, there are amendments that could easily kill the whole bill.

This bill was pushed through the House, much like the recent SOPA bill, in the hope that nobody would notice it. Now it has been noticed, and it is quite likely to have the same fate as SOPA...

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You see only one side of the coin. Did you ever imagine what is there on the other side? I understand that you are a citizen. Have you thought about those guys who are still waiting for more than 10 years? You don't believe but the fact is this: EB3 folks have to wait 70 years if HR 3012 does not pass. There will not be anymore legal immigration bills. God Bless America!

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You see only one side of the coin.


It is you who fails to see all sides.

As I have said multiple times before, the backlogs for India and China are bad.

However, HR3012 is the wrong way to fix that.

Increasing the visa numbers, or taking spouses out of the quotas, would be much much better than this flawed bill. And nobody has to wait 70 years. That's just complete and utter BS. A lie. Why do you perpetuate such lies???

All HR3012 does is taking from A to give to B. Inherently flawed, inherently unfair, inherently misguided. A very bad bill.

I suggest you start by no longer posting blatant lies. Until then, you can not be taken seriously to begin with.

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And I suggest you stop trying to attack me for exposing the inherent flaws of HR3012. Your lies about "70 years" make your attempted attackes rather ineffective.

And please don't hijack threads to air your grievances. If IV had pushed a sensible bill, and not this completely disgraceful bill, they would have my support. But they preferred to screw one group of people for the benefit of others, and that is inherently wrong.

In any case, I don't see HR3012 going anywhere, unless there are more quotas for the Irish (but then, the proposed amnesty provision for illegal Irish would likely kill the whole thing.) More quotas, for a bill that is pushed by people like you because it claims to remove quotas... Have you heard about irony? Yet another reason why this bill is bad.

Help push for increasing the visa numbers and taking spouses out of the quota, and you'd have my full support. But right now, it is just despicable to screw over others for your own personal benefit.

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I think you know that EB2 requirements is MS degree or BS+5 years of Experience.My question is that why EB3 folks should wait for 10 years or 70 years(its a lie) for GC.They could start in EB2 as EB2 india priority date is Jan,2010 and it will be June,2010 in March visa bulletin.So EB3 guys will get GC in 2-3 years in EB2.Actullay,Eb3 guys are so reluctant to spend money for lawyers and file another GC process under EB2.HR3012 is completely wrong and hiding many facts.HR3012 could ask to increase visa number or use unused visa number rather they start fighting or depriving ROW.That is why this is an unfair Bill and should be fail.

PernalGuy, you are an advanced member and we expect more knowledgable and accurate info from you.


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Joe F:

All HR3012 does is taking from A to give to B. Inherently flawed, inherently unfair, inherently misguided. A very bad bill.

Green card through employment: Employers give jobs based on skills not based on country of birth ( equal oppurtunity employers ofcourse). Currently A specially treated for same level of skill than B which is unfair. Both got same education same level of expereince maybe in some cases B got better. And poland size of kansas and china and india which are half the size of US given same number of visas? sounds fair to you? I belive unbiased kid gives the right answer in this case. Should emplyment through green card be changed to Employment and country based green card instead? to make it fair to you? then what is the purpose of diversity based green card? which other country people are using every year.( maybe the country you came from).

Fairness should be seen unbiased. The government is doing this as a way to stop outsourcing, make people from china and india to pay taxes in US. To be fair to legal immigrants not to just tolerate illegals, and belives the people who get benifited with this change will open companies here. Check histroy you will be suprised keeping aside your jelousy. These are facts not based on lies.

There is a green card through diversity program based on country for which india and china are not eligible from long time ( which is not fair even in my opinion having same numbers for india and srilanka is unfair, should be based on land area instead. I just mention this as a point to your fair point). So all other countries who are misusing the employment through green card as option all these years should use this instead and learn the pain of waiting if so.

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Replacing one unfairness with another wrt to already pending applications from ROW people is also unfair.

And this stuff has been discussed to death. Please read all the discussions about it instead of rehashing the same old tired arguments.

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hmm the country quota is to keep diversity .. they dont want people flooded from one place ..

did any body questioned reservation system in india .. we have cast based reservations .. we live with it ..

i dont understand why people shout the word fairness .. it is not fairness it is favor ..

i support hr3012 because it favors me ..

and all the laws are intend to growth of america .. not for you or me..

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