Changing in the experience profile from 1st time to 2nd time H1b processing


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Hi Forum Members

I am a non IT background student, completed my masters in business studies in 2003. And then I have been to australia for another masters and was there between 2004-2006 as a student.

In 2007 a consultancy has filed H1b petition for me by showing the experience as an ERP consultant right after my MBA in 2003.

So as per my H1b petition filed in 2007, i have been showed with an IT experience from 2004 to 2007 But during that period i was in Australia as a student. But that information was not furnished to the immigration team.

I got H1b visa but due to the recision impact i didnt dare to move there.

Now i would like to apply for H1b again with a new employer. Do i need to show the same experience i have shown last time or shall i show my actual experience i have from 2007 for new petition processing?

Please share your expert views....


Prospective H1b Applicant

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Thanks for your reply. If i proceed with a new employer and get my visa stamped with new employer, shall i enter into the US immediately after stamping on do i need to wait till 1st October.? Actually i am exempted from the normal quota as i already have been given ith H1b visa earlier. BUt i didnt travel to US on that visa before. Regards

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