PD Current - Applying I-485 in Feb'2012 - Getting Laid of in 2-3 months


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Hi Gurus,

I am in such a dilemma. My PD is August 24th 2009 in EB2 and it is current in Feb 2012. All of my I-485 documents are ready to be filed on Feb 1st by attorney. Heard news today that because of budget crunch at client side, few of us including me would be laid off in 2-3 months.

How would I pursue my GC process in this situation and what would be the impact on my I-485 after applying it in Feb month.

I appreciate and welcome all of your views.

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Thank you very much for your reply. Here is some developments regarding my job lay off.

Got confirmed that I will be laid off in 1-2 months (Mostly by Feb end). Confirmed with attorney that they are sending all of mine and my wife's I-485 on 31st January so that they will reach USCIS on 1st Feb.

I have started working on resume and getting ready to transfer my H1B VISA (valid till July 2013). How would I handle this situation and what would be the impact on my GC process. Do I need to inform USICS anything about it after the layoff? How it would be impact my wife's case?

Please help me replying back with your suggestions.

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