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I am on L1B visa currently and I have been working here in US for the past 4 years for the same employer who filed my L1B visa. My L1B visa is going to expire in January 2013. The same employer is now going to file for green card (most probably in EB3 category) around may 2012 and I think since I am on L1B visa I will have to go through the PERM process. My questions are:

1. Can I leave my employer who filed for my GC (change my job) and join another employer after the I-140 gets approved?

2. Since my L1B is due to expire in January 2013, since I am planning to go to India for 1 month vacation around the same time when my L1B expires (also GC processing underway), will it cause any issues?

3. Also what status will I be in once GC processing starts and L1B expires in jan 2013?


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Thanks pontevecchio. I did not understand when you said LI needs to be extended.I am also in same situation. I am on L1 - (Individual) and my employer is going to file for GC this year but my L1 expires in april 2013. My question is:

1) Can I stay on L1 till my GC processing completes? Because L1 people can stay max 5 years and I will complete 5 years of stay in april 2013. shall I have to change my status to H1 till my GC processing completes? Please suggest.

2) I heard there is no Labour certification for L1 people so does this make GC processing any better means faster?

Thanks in advance.

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